The coverage of legal services offered by Motec Stefan – Law Office for its clients, meaning legal advice and representation in courts, with enforcers, and other local or central government institutions and commercial partners, is nationwide. In this regard, you can see an interactive map of Romania where we are marked the locations in which we provided an effective and direct legal services to our customers.

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"... As a token of appreciation of your services, with your agreement, we will recommend in the future the legal services provided by your law office to our partners in Slovakia if they decide to conduct businesses in Romania."

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Ştefan Moţec, law firm’s qualified lawyer, began its activity in Bucharest, in 2000, accumulating, over time, a rich experience in judicial matters in various fields of law, the main specialization being focused on commercial law, with all its adjacent.

Following the transfer to Timiş Bar in 2004, the law firm continued its activity in Timişoara, an activity that has grown with the years in terms of both quantity and quality level of services, and in terms of their territoriality, implying, naturally and logically, the development in human and technical aspect in order to ensure an operative provision of legal services, but do not discount the quality of service provided.

So far, the staff of MOŢEC ŞTEFAN – Law Office is composed of 10 persons (attorneys and support staff), having a good proportion between the amount of work needed to satisfy law firm’s customers (both the stable and the fluctuating ones) and its human resource capacity. In terms of logistics, the law office has a legal library with subscriptions to major publications, technical equipment and latest law practice software, all activities taking place in an appropriate space exceeding 150 square meters.


Given that over time Moţec Ştefan – Law Office provided legal services primarily in commercial matters and mostly for foreign businesses, the implicit conclusion is that the law firm’s experience is consolidated in the field of commercial activities, adapted to specific needs of both romanian and foreign companies.

Our experience is also confirmed by the stable relationships with our customers, in providing legal assistance and representation, developing, in most cases, long-term collaboration, which was confirmed by the references received from them.

However, we express our conviction that we are exposed to continue professional, economic and social challenges, which is why we seek to develop and adapt our law practice services to the new social, economic and legal conditions, so as to be able to respond positively and promptly to any requirements of current or potential customers.


Law firm’s customers are mainly companies, both romanian and foreign (mainly from Czech Republic and Slovakia).

Our clientele is diverse, having a portfolio of both start-up companies who decided from their very beginning to work with us, and consolidated and well known companies that have sales revenues of hundreds of millions of euro from different domains, such as trade (domestic and international), construction, insurance (national and international), transport and logistics, energy investors, farmers, food producers, service providers, non-bank financial institutions, insurance brokers, associations and foundations.

National Coverage

Because most of our customers do not have their registered office nor commercial activity in Timişoara - the place where we are established - we had to adapt our working system, so again, we can satisfy our customers 'remote', meaning that, initially, legal consultations were provided by mail (e-mail, registered letter, fax and phone), and over time, the needs of our customers determined us to provide also the specific activity of representation in court, covering a broad area at the national level, including their representation during enforced execution.

Also, we have the human, material and logistical resources for travel throughout the country, whenever the interests of our customers require it. We specify that we have not resorted to external partners to provide legal services across the country, from the desire to make sure, unequivocally, that the legal service to be provided for a client in another locality than Timişoara is at the highest quality and we cannot guarantee this quality to our customers unless we perform in directly.

Further, we wish to present, sorted by relevance, the services provided remotely by our office, without considering the list exhausted:

In conclusion, given the specific services we provide and law firm’s implemented operation system, rest assured that we can provide legal services regardless of where you have your registered office or where you conduct business activities effectively.

Electronic Archive of Secured Transactions - authorized agent of the Ministry of Justice

Moţec Ştefan – Law Office is one of the 60 nationwide agents authorized by the Ministry of Justice under the National Association of the Romanian Bars, offering secured transactions specific services, like expert advice as well as inclusion in the Electronic Archive of Secured Transactions or access to it.

This is an additional advantage, because we are able to put in place a series of concrete issues that concern the system of secured transactions, which are an increasingly important factor in our customers’ business activities, especially as the establishment and implementation of a strong guarantee systems for debts and contractual relations is a mandatory issue, also accentuated by the economic crisis.

Qualified lawyer’s quality of Honorary Consul

Due to characteristics and qualities of both human and professional nature, which were observed and assessed over time by a number of important personalities from different relevant fields, Moţec Ştefan - law firm’s qualified lawyer, was appointed honorary consul of Czech Republic in Timisoara, confirming thus from a certain point of view both an exceptional professional and social backgrounds, and confidence in an exceptional future. It is an additional guarantee for a legal service provided with responsibility and honesty.