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"... As a token of appreciation of your services, with your agreement, we will recommend in the future the legal services provided by your law office to our partners in Slovakia if they decide to conduct businesses in Romania."

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MOŢEC ŞTEFAN – Law Office welcomes you on our presentation site. We hope that the information we provide through this site will be useful in the decisions you need to take when you are up to use the specialized services of a law firm.

We do not claim that the information on this site is sufficient to convince you about a future professional collaboration with MOŢEC ŞTEFAN – Law Office - this especially since there are many very "commercial" sites from other law companies, but most often, these presentations are just a beautiful "veil", behind which there is no substance to confirm appearances.

Therefore, we must make clear that we are here to help - by phone, by mail or at the office - with any other information or details you wish to take into account, as it is in our interest to answer all your questions and to convince you that we can be a partner in your commercial activity whose success requires among other things, legal assistance, that we can ensure at a highly professional and qualified level, based not only on goodwill in this respect, but especially on the experience accumulated over time, on the one hand and a vision of future development of the office, on the other side.

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The coverage of legal services offered by Motec Stefan – Law Office for its clients, meaning legal advice and representation in courts, with enforcers, and other local or central government institutions and commercial partners, is nationwide. In this regard, you can see an interactive map of Romania where we are marked the locations in which we provided an effective and direct legal services to our customers.




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